Part-It Market Partitions

The Part-It model partitions time series data into statistically significant segments.  Partitioning significant "eras" improves statistical consistency within subsets.

Rational analysis requires consistent data sets. Without consistency, statistical aggregates are ill-defined, findings are dubious and inference may be spurious.  

Part-It applications range from testing for volatility changes, to direct price trend segmentation. 

Part-It defines such changes objectively, identifying points of  maximum stochastic separation, and probability of change. Objective analysis avoids costly "eyeball" errors.

NOTICE: The web-site Part-It simulation is being enhanced for better user interface and not currently on line.  The underlying model is available for project studies any time.


To enquire about Part-It applications with your own data and funds, you can leave a message back at the Models page, or use the master checklist of Analytix Services.  Or call directly anytime, at (603) 643-6430.


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