Experts Weigh-in on Carpenter Analytix...


"I've known [Carpenter]  for over 30 yrs.... He is as sophisticated analyst of data as you can find working in the often obscure world of reading hedge funds."

"...In the classic contrary opinion tradition of letting the numbers take you wherever they will and reach the most sophisticated investment audience in clear resounding tones."
           --Dean LeBaron 

"I do think you've done a really nice job catching the early waves and general trends."
           --Brian DeLacey 

"Carpenter...appears to have won an impressive victory in this standoff and on Friday he wrote that in his opinion `vulnerability will remain high almost regardless of what emerges from the Wed-Thu-Fri data; if extreme high exposure is sustained the same vulnerability continues... but if exposure declines notably it will suggest a wash-out brewing.'Ē
             --Walter Deemer, July 2007

"I think itís pretty clear that Carpenterís work was the more far and Iím going to call hedge fund sentiment is negative for the stock market until Carpenterís work says otherwise."
            --Walter Deemer, August 2007

"I was the Chief Global Equity Strategist at Citigroup in New York where I first became familiar with your excellent work.  I have a lot of regard for your work."
            --Ajay Kapur

"[Carpenter offers] valuable information and insights to firms in the Wall Street Community."
            --Martin E. Zweig

"Thank you for the hard work and incredible analysis. The models are now self running and they have provided our team with a more consistent degree of confidence in the trends we monitor.  I also appreciate your timeliness and service with the project and wish you much continued success.

          --Richard M. Ina, Wells Fargo Investments


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