BetaStates Profiles

BetaStates profiles keep you current on the risk, strategy and performance of your mutual funds.  The PBA Model tracks each fund's statistical behavior relative to the market.  Fund behavior changes continuously, because portfolios change continuously.

BetaStates shows you each fund's beta risk history.  BetaStates shows each fund's alpha history.  BetaStates lists your funds' current performance states:

Custom Service Options

BetaStates is a customized service.  You determine your own scope, frequency and content.

Scope.  You choose your funds coverage.  Base coverage starts with ten funds.

Frequency.  Annual, quarterly, monthly, or other schedule to meet your needs.

Content.  Custom benchmarks, pairwise comparisons, extended timeframes, or other special features available.

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Please contact me about BetaStates profiles for my key fund holdings.  I am experienced user of investment statistics and I have read your Disclaimer and Terms of Use.


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